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tv   Today  NBC  July 5, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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good morning. he nit fheir s.nb0't de h arthur's aftermath. people along north carolina's outer banks surveying the damage veinn ir aren eenid today, a day after the category 2 hurricane roared on shore. this morning, it's weakened into r.f eto a tropical storm. g sm aooop hef dig i w it's reeking havoc in cape cod. sin ous ndherigiioowca y fr t c ime>> w fir millions headed to the beach could get a nasty and dangerous surprise caused by the storm. e we are live with the latest. e te so ththe tot sp insurance plot? insurance raises more questions about the man accused of killing fain dd as0forebeetpdat at p o s his young son in a hot car. de teurd 85de h s asory,ntsa le isooe t could money have been a motive? sidelined? a devastating injury for one of brazil's players. this morning, brazil is moving
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on to the semifinals of the world cup. can they go all the way without their superstar? and a fabulous fourth. hurricane arthur couldn't dampen s all the celebrations as americans nationwide celebrated our country's independence. we'll have the highlights today, july 5, 2014. cal freeonpsrnvewillketaspur 5fu opti9% cal freeonpsrnvewillketaspur 5fu announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with lester holt plusup j.440.8 and erica hill. anntraiothatdy.0.04 a ada tor live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today" on a saturday morning. hope you are having a good weekend. i'm lester holt. seopldakewe a >> i'm erica hill. ma rro r we are still celebrating. not at all planned. g ignygam >> come on, we planned this week tise oou
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together. >> did you watch fireworks last night? >> no. >> no? >> i worked, then i slept, and yi l worked again. >> i have been up all night. >> isn't that funny when you ulrt watch the fireworks, you still ha ica naturally go ooh, ahh. >> it's fun. an lot of >> we have seen it before -- ght,.'tg. sp afranf o i new >> but it works every time. we want to get to today's ic s a top story to focus on fireworks and arthur as the storm made its fe.lo e hit ate hda way up the east coast this n,ing.> g iiseea t a s lh. morning. arthur was downgraded to a tropical storm, but not before leaving a mark on cape cod last night with heavy winds and lots of rain. while the storm is moving on, the threat is not over at the , arun o m yo boned i n beach. rip currents are a major erioe concern. our team is out there covering ds tas it all. we begin with kerry sanders in kill devil hills, north kyas r.n oug the h carolina. good morning. >> good morning. happy fourth of july weekend. ooo w t for the millions plus tourists who come to the outer banks for
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this long weekend, hurricane arthur was mostly an tk rkerd i bat i lhedepoupo.gewimmo inconvenience. it's a surprise. there's not the usual devastation associated with a category 2 hurricane. it's the day after. along the outer banks, as you look one way, it's hard to tell ow. dono one ori ienteregysout. there was even a hurricane. but for those who lived through er hov5eeinn arthur, this category 2 waduser ,gne hurricane was 101 miles per hour >>ound gusts is something they'll never s tin forget. >> i have been in an earthquake 'shave the.aie nnud. windeeers before. when the bed was shaking -- it really did. >> reporter: arthur may have ncn iilitf postponed fireworks displays, but the independence day parade e nily went on on schedule. hi among those in attendance, the t g gonnd nts state's governor. nkyul these distractions are momentary. the clean up will take time and dskgit i cal omiio s. will be expensive. t,er. pun iignt t north carolina highway 12 was rebuilt after hurricane irene three years ago.
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again, it buckled. five foot storm surge washed di a .ierr m oze over the main artery to hatteras island. the storm search flooded manteo. il memedhehsear.ra they say this won't keep them ng his it's siav kwe aexhe down. >> it's not our first day. we have been through it many times before in the outer banks. the wind blows, storms come, we clean up. next day, we go do what we do. .epors hdens hiinren >> reporter: it may explain why this t-shirt is so quickly available. extra, extra, hurricane arthur olan delays july 4th fireworks. blfe,isin w tix a sense of humor when there's wnage.lanne wan not widespread devastation. in16waisth-o ain if there's one upside in the dayd an after math of the hurricane that e' cion o t did little damage, temperatures dropped to the very pleasant y. s dyze s whe 70s. >> d a tehas it won't last long, it's summer. dare >> take advantage of it while we >thatin n m"e nbc, et can. thanks. let's talk about the threat
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of a dangerous rip current. a potentially deadly situation aiis c d j f ia lirut for beach goers. kristen is there this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hu tsee s ardhe eas lester. yeah, looks like a beautiful beach day. arthur may be hundreds of miles away, but there could be deadly affects along the coastline. lotlebrn'tver ls.caldnd the threat of rip currents so strong in new york, they had to move the barge that had the ulythingge tur ea macy's fireworks on it to a safer place. if they are worried about a ssecd oeyly.s il oon barge, you can imagine how they are worried about swimmers. you cannot see the rip currents ha nca eck wbi b ankslo ttry.dy until you are caught up in it. 100 people in the u.s. die every . year caught in rip currents. ekkshingpoer th 80% of ocean currents are from dathon the magi rouhighreursui rip currents. it's like going up a down he wil escalator. you can't swim against it. tr n go ck theft swimmers get exhausted trying to su
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fight it. what do you do? let it carry you out. briteyieleorwe don't fight it. thidity if you can, try to swim parallel e rtes0 a baco y c nd h il tco btlg th b of n to the shore to get out of the omenth, ct rip. we wading in the water on a day thejury uat.nwian gmo ginis ylar like today can pull you out. s.ffld fcos gthintht always swim where a life guard ori is nearby. >> important words for us this morning. thank you. dylan is tracking arthur's path. what are we looking at this morning? >> it's been downgraded to a po uf s n m tropical storm, but bringing rain to maine. you can see, here is a look at ba. l thekeee hea tndosh. m ms the satellite of tropical storm arthur. it's weakening, winds at 70 miles per hour. it is approaching nova scotia. oms..isay mom a r the back edge of it producing orlduptle t f t fore f rain in massachusetts, boston seeing heavier rain, north and twaanot south shore, too, including cape the aan toua hoickeloanmo fr. cod. heavy rain near bangor maine and tary c t
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down east maine. it's going to remain unsettled through the afternoon. the rain continues to pull away to the northeast and move into canada and we clear things out. the rip currents, as kris mentioned thereby here. also want to point out, not related to arthur, what so ever, theenbes .dove ne srorsev tve ta7 day ?ee aan toua hoickeloanmo fr. we have flooding concerns across the mississippi. look at the flooding areas in cari off red today. we have to figure that out today ne ..efe!ank y,eom and tomorrow. we have the threat of showers and storms. also isolated stronger storms, north dakota to northwest minnesota, large hail and damaging wind gusts still an issue. the threat is going to spread east a little bit. ovwouneler this is the area under the gun t y seeod tshn for flooding. we could see strong storms piwat. producing torrential downpours. ksecrrt wawellng e mom w as arthur pulls away, we are looking at the river flooding as r d whe was an issue for the weekend. etnohespit guys? >> dylan, thanks. urne it rndreamered
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we'll check on with you in a couple minutes. the immigration debate. bracing for the possibility of more protests today. overnight, a planeful of ome got ge to hav undocumented migrants landed in san diego. they were flown there from an .ou overcrowded processing center in texas. they were supposed to be brought to california but were bussed to uookgoodit o colyhebe aood yoit llioo d a nearby town because of the protesters. miguel almaguer is following the sryarom the story for us. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: lester, good berppen morning. ryat t t we irstchtook a calmer scene outside this holding facility today. gone are the protesters and whnted immigration advocates who made erepaann. . > didwir quite a statement friday. they were fired up. they showed passion, anger, waved flags and argued. once again, murieta was there. lls.firsto ta .al wvalls. the they were mm et nered d u licrsut
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ofy. man ts er u.tuildun beciti are er wcodt roued t ns tir: bhis has or so otg menu c mpdofgrea emirs wllame s. aheiday rning. ublins cusingftore s o >>temming t anne s ugar than pehahr tune mmun>>ep mberdildr cgor ico esest nstyore ror tge su #1 reendve cln t h t bor iaft
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a ast, nlat er.ericor he toext ntio el hi che . come to eadoyo nad ife ls >> rte we marthisid, frceswa tc rasper t an con aa t a k enightpe oicre abouthe at wit neap ] gen t rasper t an ju e call ever otit a,s ncee offidm fatigoverito os tei atho h thqae.yem usatset fo aew nowe oinpon andr mt delu hn m ghs hviedlyg. e tyer h as bhe like eerire ing. an ho at th, but soth e tk o fo kilnd ladhe massihrouhoouth ould sourcthf ,rge ave minrea fore fefott thtaht re o eing tak agh sce as g b in h
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sweltering suv. search warrants allege justin ross harris asked family members sonr a f jhe fment,one' asioe to cash in on his son's life insurance pollty. itthe wha u cp- he has two policies totaling $27,000. l bhoh ung r he pled not guilty to murder and child cruelty. we want to go to israel fullrnef where they are threating. this comes a day after the funeral for a teenager who palestinians say was killed in a revenge attack. amen is in israel with more on ed t teustor not goodhs rtsre this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, betty. there is growing outrage here in east jerusalem after a video that has gone viral really triggered a lot of anger among the local community. that video shows allegations of police brutality and it's certainly one more fuel added to the fire here. this video, which nbc news has
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not independently verified shows israeli soldiers with a teenager and shows him being beaten before dragged away. nbc news learned the 15-year-old palestinian-american was there. a florida resident here on summer vacation with his parents. >> i'm infuriated. i, you know, i'm in a state of shock. i'm just speechless. >> reporter: he was detained lat wlebrhissbi thursday evening when protesters rday 5,. clashed in a neighborhood. tensions here have been running high all week. thout?re>> cnf ieow d palestinians have been angry at the loss of another teenager on cmornniamp.chh what' leum,oty murdered. the body was given a hero's atth b u lti >>ll.lays welcome in his neighborhood friday after it was returned to the family. .nk goibaearn s i that gave way to sorrow as more clashes broke out friday evening. now that video has not only in c oayingceld wch aryt e wt angered the local population
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that comes on the heels of an emotionally charged week, but it's appearing violence is spreading to the arab cities sthumity. inside israel proffer. mathououplf ous. e r loo there were clashes and police he. arrested more than 20 people. ngke westth 1 ttaker ksund gr that is the first outbreak in a city besides jerusalem. betty? >> thank you for that report. >> the brazilian soccer team is getting ready for the semifinals thenngng weac today. the team's star player is out. he fractured his vertebra during on uldnpletit frt dtestlaho friday's match. oh, he'll miss the remainder of th cavteesots baspo chted the tournament. the 22-year-old striker was tn.joe kneed in the back by a columbian fohewi defender. he had to be carried off in a stretcher. brazil will play in the tionot u fe semifinals. hurricane arthur putting the . iln tot.itdy t sheth pla damper on the east coast. in new york city 40,000
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fireworks danced in the sky as . coolsn, hea thedooungra d melikul part of the macy's fireworks on pa display was aired here in d.c. 't beleo tus. tha sothere. compe fireworks dazzled over the u.s. capital and the washington er said ar monument as they played patriotic themes. i don't know about you guys, but joenating thank goodness for dvr. >> i didn't get a chance to see it. do tpeditacon a onions. very rarely -- i'm going to go home and relive it today. >> it's a long holiday weekend. >> congratulations. you downed 34 hot dogs? you should continue to enjoy it. >> we are enjoying it now in our >> i did. >> you were like 34. red, white and blue. you could have done more? >> perfect. >> if the weather conditions >> dylan is back with the rest would have permitted. >> the weather again. of the country's forecast this morning. >> arthur, everybody was worried >> how do you practice for about it for the holiday weekend. something like that? now, it is becoming less of an do you sit at home and down hot issue. you will see improvements by the dogs? >> mainly, it's tapering off my afternoon. the slight risk of stronger food intake leading up to the storms in the northern plains and minnesota where we could see event. >> you have to make room? hail and damaging wind gusts. >> two days leading up to the more flooding rain is possible contest. in iowa and parts of illinois, >> a day later, will you have a especially tomorrow as some of normal dinner?
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the stronger storms begin to >> i'm craving yogurt or dairy. spread. the middle of the it takes so much acid to digest that. i'm craving dairy. request morning. i am first alert meteorologist, >> you don't purge afterwards, right? brittney shipp. >> i only get sick if there's an plenty of sunshine and very nice out. issue like i have heatstroke or we will see the wind speeds at 10 to 15 miles per hour. something is wrong. 88 degrees and cooler at the >> i have a big stomach. shore in the 70s. if you look at the 7-day i have handled it before and i will again. forecast, we are pushing back in >> congratulations to you. the 90s. congratulations to you guys storms return on tuesday. have a great weekend. again. thank you very much. still to come, hollywood >> and that's your latest coming the great white way. a number of a-listers are forecast. lester. the u.s. is out of the world cup, but that doesn't mean you have to stop cheering. the tour de france got under way. jim maceda is in england close to the finish line of the first
7:16 am
day. jim? >> reporter: hi, lester. it's the most famous bike race. royalty here with william and kate, the duke and duchess of cambridge. thorly stage of this tour de if you can't imagine quitting turkey, cold turkey. france is held here in northern england. minutes ago, 200 riders began then you're what butterball calls a turketarian perhaps the most difficult race of their life from paris, but and their delicious every day selections are sure to satisfy. not directly. they are winding through 2,000 miles of death defieing climbs, thlook what i got.p. oh my froot loops! [sniffs] decents and hair pin turns. let's do this? in three weeks, one of these get up! get up! get up! get up! brave men will be crowned king loop me! bring back the awesome... yeah! yeah! yeah! of the road. with the great taste of kellogg's froot loops. for nbc sports analyst, phil follow your nose! covering his 42nd tour is a spectacle that can't be beat. >> challenged by striking farmers, steel workers, everybody hits the tour de france. >> who will win it?
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the world's best climber or the ♪ well-a, well-a, well-a, uh! tell me more, tell me more... ♪♪ reigning champion? some are betting on a new generation of rising american stars? twizzlerize your summer fun with twizzlers. montana raised t.j. and andrew the twist you can't resist. from napa, california. both just 25 and already top ten finishers of the tour. leader of the colorado based garmin racing team says u.s. fever spread to u.s. cycling fans, too, a big motivator. >> the amount of attention it's everyday they feel somethingdove happening.days with no mirrors? raised for riders like myself on the seventh day and the team. beautiful skin is revealed. it's the reaction has been with one quarter moisturizing cream it helps skin feel more firm and elastic. incredible. >> reporter: the u.s. team trains long and hard, not just take the dove 7 day test. to win, but to win clean. natalie: what are you doing? willie: protecting my password. just last year, the stunning natalie: that's good. can i see? willie: no, it's a secret. admission on oprah of large natalie: i was just testing you. keep your password to yourself, scale doping by lance armstrong and protect your online information. cast a fall over the sport. both: the more you know. >> i made my decision, they are my mistake.
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>> reporter: winning back the hearts and mind of the public would be his sweetest victory. >> every race we win as americans, every result we get, it brings the sport back into a good place in the united states. >> reporter: tomorrow, stage two has many of the bikers, lester, on edge with some roads only this morning in hollywood about a yard wide. headlines, robin williams is there's going to be slick as oil checking into rehab and jessica because of rainshowers tomorrow. simpson heading down the aisle one american rider told me that this weekend. he is worried about, quote, carnage. alicia good morning. this is a very dangerous race. >> happy fourth. >> jim, thanks very much. >> a happy wedding for jessica you can watch the first leg of the tour de france at 2:00 simpson. eastern on nbc. it's really low key and out of still to come on this program, the spotlight, it seems. >> she has. was it a washout or a blast? it's her second wedding. we'll see how you celebrated the fourth. first, this is "today" on nbc. she's marrying aaron johnson today. they have two kids together.
7:19 am
maxwell is two and ace is 1. they are getting married in santa barbara. huge festivities. a rehearsal dinner. very low key. she's very hands on in designing her dress. we can't wait to see it. >> there's more to robin williams than it sounds. he's in rehab, but this time, it's more of a tine tuning. >> he's calling it a renewal. basically, he got sober in 1982 cocaine and alcohol addiction. he's done back-to-back movies this year. he needed to take time for himself. he's at hazelton in minnesota. this is checking in on the process and making sure he's good to go. >> good for him. the broadway season, the list of people playing james franco, bradley cooper, jake jillen hall. >> huge. huge. >> actors going to broadway.
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about her. the judge threw it out. >> thanks very much. great to see you. we are back now on a saturday morning. enjoy your holiday weekend. the weather looked like it was >> you as well. going to ruin a lot of people's >> you can watch e news. fourth of july plans, but not everybody let that happen. >> dylan is in the orange room with a look at how people across betty is with the fan of the day. the country celebrated. >> we have a special one. >> rain or shine, one thing is she is from greenville, south for sure. when it comes to the fourth, carolina. this is a milestone for her. there will be pictures. if you are a meteorologist, one year breast cancer free. there will be weather puns. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> take it away. in true american spirit, you >> still to come, lester's inner didn't let arthur rain on your james bond for spy training. parade or dampen your spirit. first, this is "today" on nbc. here is how lester, erica, betty and i celebrated our fourth of july. erica's kids enjoying, what is that? ice cream? >> cotton candy with their friends. >> betty was at work, sorry betty and i had my sister-in-law in town with her family. we piled in and took a selfie there. these guys are the guy that is
7:22 am
make it all happen. this is the weekend team working hard on the fourth of july to make the "today" show come to you. we have all of our celebrity friends, we'll call them friends tweeting pictures. look at the rock in front of the american flag. arnold schwarzenegger sent in a throwback picture from back in the days. gwyneth paltrow. we have you writing in. aftermath of hurricane arthur enjoying the beach staying out of the water. we have tammy, men joying times with my family and dogs. these poor kids, the fourth of july pics. #failed. keep the pictures coming. we want to hear how you spent your fourth of july. #orangeroom. guys? >> more to come. stay with us on "today."
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we have new information on the breaking news into nbc 10 that we have been following since 5:30 this morning. four children are dead after a fire ripped through eight philadelphia row homes. we have learned the ages of the dead children range from 1 month to 4 years old. when firefighters and crews arrived four homes were burning and the flames spread from roof to roof and porch to porch to the remaining four homes. the fire marshal is trying to determine exactly where and how the fire started, the origin of it. again, four children dead and four others are in the hospital and 42 of their neighbors have lost their homes. a shelter is set up for them at we are back on a saturday morning with our very own secret a nearby high school. we will continue to update this agent, lester holt. breaking news story. >> it was so cool. talking weather now. a spy, escape and evasion course
7:24 am
let's get a check of the run by a former cia officer to forecast from meteorologist, brittney shipp. keep our adrenaline pumping. >> good morning. plenty of sunshine now that hurricane arthur is far off into take a look. the northeast and parts of new >> good work. >> it gets close to you. england. we have a high surf advisory in >> being chased by a helicopter effect until 4:00 p.m., so you while speeding backwards through have to be careful when you head a desert is not something most down the shore today and headed into tomorrow, and a live look of us will ever face. >> i don't know where to look. outside at the city skyline. >> reporter: in jayson's world, a mild start to the morning. breezy with the northwestly learning to harness adrenaline can mean the difference between life and death and a real life situation, your heart is wind. temperatures will range from 82 pumping. and 85. i want to get an adrenaline rush new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking and put pressure on. for the person that shot two >> he's a former cia officer and teenagers in kensington. in the middle of the utah this happened along the 2000 desert, he is leading me and a group of students from across block of east atlantic street. the country into the shadowy and a 14-year-old and 19-year-old dangerous world of espionage. were both struck in the legs, and they are in stable condition >> nice! most important thing to remember this morning. and a car smash into the an is over here. >> spy, escape, and evasion training. apartment building along red line road.
7:25 am
the driver managed to back out part fantasy camp, part real and then drive away. nobody inside of the apartment building was hurt and police are looking for that driver. world survival camp. i am rosemary connors. we will have another update in 25 minutes. did it. what made you think there would now we will head back to the be a demand for this. "today" show and then we will >> the world is getting more see you at 9:00 for a full hour dangerous every day, of news. [ michael strahan ] i'm michael strahan, unfortunately. >> reporter: on today's lesson plan, survival driving. >> go to the right. go to the left. >> reporter: ramming. >> 20 miles an hour, don't allow yourself to touch the brake. you make it look easy. >> reporter: do you worry you are training would be "rambo's"? >> this fighter pilot travels abroad on business. >> when the time arises, the chance is past. >> the finger under the trigger guard. >> some classes include weapons training. kidnapping is another not uncommon threat here and abroad. that's where the escape part of the school comes in.
7:26 am
>> when people are kidnapped here in the united states and all over the world, duct tape is the number one way it happens. your hands are coming apart as you do it. >> reporter: wow! >> perfect. >> reporter: that's unbelievable. a set of thrill seekers like this newly engaged couple. for some, the chance to play out their jason born fantasy to face the thrills and dangers only seen in the movies is priceless. the experience is pricey but fun. i learned basic survival skills. it runs from $1,000 for a two-day course to tens of thousands of dollars for private training. and i love new york. the duct tape thing. you can't get out, right? there's no place like it in the world. >> no, stuck. my favorite thing is the excitement of the outdoors. >> watch this. watch me. like rock climbing in the catskills, i put my hands above my head and
7:27 am
rafting in the adirondacks, go -- look. surfing on long island, go, ladies. or getting your heart racing at watkins glen international. >> like this. come discover your favorite part of new york. >> it's not working. plan your summer vacation at there's something for everyone. >> that hurts my hand. >> i'm still stuck people. >> go like this and pull out like this. boom. >> i did. >> you can do this. >> somebody, please. >> tomorrow on "today" -- >> i'll still be here. half past the hour now on a >> doesn't always work. beautiful saturday morning, july 5th, 2014. anyway -- i hope it's beautiful wherever >> the breakout stars from the you are waking up. friends on the plaza. world cup. glad to have you. and maybe we'll see if he can we'll go out and meet them in a get out of the duct tape, bit. we'll tell you what's coming up the next half hour. if you have fireworkses, they can be very dangerous.
7:28 am
we'll tell you what to do to keep them and your family safe. >> don't throw them under the bed like my grandfather used to do. so, duke, what do you think of our new bush's baked beans video game? >> he did? >> wow. >> tell me he wasn't a smoker. >> thank goodness, he was not. >> totally fine. also ahead, as we move into the hottest days of the summer, make sure your dog isn't getting overheated. dylan and boscoe went out to i think i'm getting the hang of it. [ jay ] okay, now pick up the specially cured bacon! hit it with the brown sugar! now roll that beautiful bean footage! yes! show us how to keep them cool. [ jay ] bush's baked beans are slow-cooked >> he's a natural on television. according to our secret family recipe for a big flavor. i was to call him a her. high score! >> he looks like a little man. you get to put your name on the wall of fame! >> he's a cutie. [ beeping ] whoa! game over... we want to begin with new developments with a violent aww, you're no fun. [ jay ] enjoy bush's baked beans. encounter caught on tape between still made from our secret family recipe. a highway patrol officer and a woman. the woman was resisting arrest at the time of the incident. some of the video, you may find
7:29 am
hard to watch. joe friar has the update. >> reporter: startling cell phone video shows a highway patrol officer hitting a woman along a busy highway. ha happened before the camera started rolling? according to the arrest warrant, the woman was walking along the narrow right shoulder barefoot and at times in traffic lanes. the officer called to the scene don't blame him. said the woman was ignorie inin instead, rely on frontline plus. it kills adult fleas and ticks, commands to stop and became plus flea eggs and larvae, destroying future generations. combative. >> tried to stop her from ask your vet about frontline plus. walking on the freeway. >> the officer hit the woman's head and upper body at least 11 times in 11 seconds while she ♪ tries to block the blows. >> she's like this. she's not fighting anymore. [ male announcer ] hurry in for july fourth savings. he's still on her. get 15% off all full-sized master forge gas grills these aren't taps. at lowe's. these are like grown man on top of you punching you. even at a distance of-sized 10 miles... forge gas grills >> david diaz shot the video the length of 146 football fields.
7:30 am
then posted it to youtube. they can see the light of a single candle. the highway patrol is doing a your eyes are amazing. thor row investigation. >> we will leave no stone look after them with centrum silver. unturned in gathering. multivitamins to help support your eyes, heart and brain. centrum silver. for the most amazing parts of you. >> reporter: they want a federal probe. now, with a new easy to swallow coating. >> we saw something -- >> reporter: an off duty officer arrived to help handcuff the woman whose identity remains a mystery. her name is unknown. the usa is out of the world she was treated and releaseed from a hospital and is supposed cup, but some of the most to receive a mental evaluation. memorable moments won't be soon for "today," joe friar, nbc forgotten. that includes this move when news, los angeles. let's switch gears and get a 20-year-old seemingly comes out check of the weather. dylan is on the plaza. of nowhere to put the pressure on a belgium star player to hey, dylan. >> happy 15th birthday, your prevent another goal. he's back in the united states and with us this morning. first time in new york city, you got to see the fireworks, was it great to have you with us here. >> good morning. >> you came off the bench there, fun? >> yes. >> the rain finally moves away. 20 years old, full of we are going to see the rain adrenaline. what was the pressure like? clear out of maine.
7:31 am
that is what is left of arthur. >> a little bit of pressure. it is heating up in the middle i was nervous. at the end of the day, it's what of the country from texas to the gulf coast. it will be in the 90s today. every somer player dreams of. we are looking for a nice day in >> everybody was talking about chicago, 81 degrees. a slight risk of strong storms tim howard for obvious reasons. in north dakota and minnesota. he was setting a new record. he had great things to say about scattered showers in texas and you in your performance. the southwest. 100 degrees instead of 115. that must feel good coming from things are cooling off. him? >> yeah, he's a guy i grew up it's nice. 70s and 80s in the pacific watching and idolizing. northwest to sunny southern that was amazing to hear that from him and all the veterans that told me i did a good job. i'm excited for what the future first alert meteorologist, brittney shipp. holds. the cleanup continues on the >> team brazil, do you think parkway here and we are going to see temperatures staying below they stand a chance? average for us, ranging between 82 and 85 degrees. >> i always had germany as a sunny skies and nice conditions and the humidity will remain low favorite. you know, i still think they and we are getting drier air out will be a great team but i think of the northwest. germany is going to beat brazil. we head into the rest of your weekend. take a look at sunday. >> i have to go in for the money 88 degrees. question here. you are wearing the seattle and then we continue to warm sounders jersey, right? things up as we head back to >> i am. >> after this performance people work next week and we could have
7:32 am
from all around the world may a heat wave on our hands by monday. that's your latest come after you. any chance you might stray or forecast. >> thanks very much. leave? >> right now, i'm focused on he's back from brazil. seattle. i have only been back two days. we'll talk to a usa team player. i'm not sure what's going on with everybody. >> if you have leftover folks in seattle, hopefully. fireworks from your fourth of july celebration, we'll tell you what to do with them. if those opportunities come, i first, these messages. [ male announcer ] type 2 diabetes affects millions of us. will look at them and my agent and the club and see what is best for me. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. >> all the pressure, are you so imagine -- what if there was a new class of medicine watching? >> i watch. it's heart breaking, but yeah, i that works differently to lower blood sugar? am watching. i love soccer. imagine...loving your numbers. >> what was the best part of that experience for you? introducing once-daily invokana®. being at the world cup, what was it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine the most memorable part? >> hearing the crowd chant usa. that's used along with diet and exercise i think that's the moment that to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it hit me i was playing for the invokana® is a once-daily pill country. that works around the clock to help lower a1c. >> you defied expectations. here's how. your coach was like we'll see the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. you in the usa. how fun was it to keep marching invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in on? >> amazing.
7:33 am
and sends some sugar out it shows the character of the team. that character is going to through the process of urination. continue. and while it's not for weight loss, i'm excited for the future. it may help you lose some weight. >> in between, thanks for being invokana® can cause important side effects, here this morning. including dehydration, >> appreciate it. which may cause some people >> that's going to do it for us to have loss of body water and salt. on a saturday morning. more to come on a sunday. this may also cause you to feel dizzy, faint, >> i have been training for a lightheaded, or weak especially when you stand up. duo. remember that wall i other side effects may include kidney problems, genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, high potassium in the blood, or increases in cholesterol. do not take invokana® if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis or if allergic to invokana® or its ingredients. symptoms of allergic reaction may include rash, swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems.
7:34 am
using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. good morning. i am rosemary connors. just ahead on nbc 10 news today, we are following breaking news in southwest philadelphia. a fire that burned a number of row homes claimed the lives of four children and four others are in the hospital. a view from sky force 10 shows how extensive the damage is.
7:35 am
beautiful pictures there for a live report from the scene is you last night. fireworks in san francisco. coming up. one of the largest displays on i am tracking what to expect for the rest of your holiday the west coast. weekend from the poconos to down beautiful. if your fourth of july the shore. i have everything for you on my celebration fell flat because of first alert 7-day forecast. the weather and you have plenty and then the back drop for of fireworks, you may wonder how last night's fourth of july to store them until you are ready to use them. festivities. the weather will cooperate as kerry sanders is here with the cleanup continues. important advice on that. this is not a free concert good morning, again. but is sure to be a show >> reporter: good morning. i have this t-shirt they are stopper, as music's most famous selling on the outer banks. couple performs tonight. extra, extra read all about it hurricane arthur delaying fourth of july fireworks. in other news, hurricane party. but, this points out the bad weather in certain areas of the country resulted in postponed fireworks and in some places where it's legal to buy your own fireworks and set them off, some folks may not get rid of all theirs this weekend. for those people, the experts
7:36 am
say, there is a danger. in those parts of the country where it's perfectly legal to privately buy and set off fireworks -- >> lots of color and not too much noise, right? >> vendors are running sales to clear out what was not purchased before july 4th. >> buy one, get one free. >> reporter: this morning, there was a consumer warning. >> fire in the hole. fire in the hole. >> reporter: the explosive charge, a power you can see that blows up a watermelon increases small business owners this is in danger with the leftover your last chance. fireworks. bomb technicians say there's no your free upgrade to fios quantum internet from verizon will be running out soon. good way for the average person now's the time to take advantage of your last chance to double to store fireworks because of your download speed to 50 megs static and friction. for no additional cost. >> as you are handling it, switch now to fios internet and rotating it, putting it on the phone with a 2-year agreement and get a free upgrade to fios ground, the friction moving quantum internet for just against itself cause zs it to go $99.99 a month. fios has america's only 100% off. >> reporter: just putting them fiber optic network with 99.9%
7:37 am
in a bucket of water doesn't network reliability so you're render them because eventually, small business ready. they dry out. plus you'll get phone with for parents who set off unlimited nationwide calling and a second basic phone line fireworks with their kids last night, a reminder, children may included. all for just $99.99 month. know where you stop the unused also, get a firm price quote of your total monthly charges. fireworks and get into that stash when you are not home to the time to upgrade is now, because on july 19th this offer supervise. >> they typically will try to runs out. light these things, throw it or call 1.888.410.4404 now. they light it and the wick is too short. it may go off in their hand. or...ask about our no annual contract options. >> yes, i got that. just call 1.888.410.4404 >> reporter: the national counsel on fireworks safety says it strongly encourages parents internet and phone that make you small business ready. to take responsibility. that's powerful. >> it's really the parents job to teach kids to be safe around the house. don't teach them the way you may have done it as a child, your family may have done it. teach the proper way. as families across our area if they are taught that way, they will shoot them that way are celebrating the holiday when they are old enough. weekend, others in southwest philadelphia are grieving the loss of four children. >> reporter: treat your we will take you to the scene of fireworks the way you treat your a deadly fire that now has investigators looking for a firearms and keep them away from
7:38 am
cause. children. good morning. i am rosemary connors. >> great advice. thank you so much. still to come, keeping your we have been updating this breaking news since 5:30 this four-legged friends cool during morning. here is what we know. the dog days of summer. four children dead and four look at that f other victims in the hospital and dozens forced out of their houses. the flames spread through eight row homes. take a look at the photo of the deadly fire you will see only here on nbc 10. you can see the flames roaring across the row homes. matt delucia is live at the scene, and matt, still a difficult day ahead for the entire community. >> reporter: it is indeed, rosemary. the flames and smoke are gone and have been for a few hours, but the firefighters are still on the scene especially the the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks investigators that are trying to figure out where and how the is staring you right in the face. fire started. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. there are a couple investigators up on the second floor of one of it's the only soft, beef-flavored chew the homes here. that kills both fleas and ticks. eight row homes, as you can see, vets recommend it. were heavily damaged. and dogs, well, they're begging for it. they were in the center portion. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in 15 minutes ago we saw the pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. firefighters tear off part of reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin, the roof.
7:39 am
there is a giant and gaping hole diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. there now. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. let's show you video from the recommended by vets. loved by dogs. scene. this is happened on the 6500 block of gesner street by 65th from the makers of frontline plus. and woodland. the fire commissioner tells me the fire spread from one porch rooftop to another and the firefighters could be seen carrying people away from the scene overcome with emotion. we saw family m thlook what i got.p. oh my froot loops! [sniffs] let's do this? get up! get up! get up! get up! loop me! bring back the awesome... yeah! yeah! yeah! with the great taste of kellogg's froot loops. follow your nose! then you're what butterball g calls a turketarian. and their delicious every day selections are sure to satisfy.
7:40 am
this morning on "today's" pets, the dog days of summer are here. we have more hot and oppressive days to come. >> oh, yeah, we do. it's summer, you don't want your dog cooped up in the house. it can be hard to get them outside in the weather. we got out and found the best way to beat the heat. the heat, the humidity, the dog
7:41 am
days of summer can be rough on your pooch. how can you keep them cool? we are going to hit the park to find out. >> somebody once told me if you put your hand to the pavement for seven seconds. if your hand starts to burn, it's too hot for your dog. >> we love to get in the water fountain and lay in it. >> sunscreen or anything on your dog because he's lighter? >> she has little fur on her nose. the end is pink. there's really no hair at all. >> reporter: it's great advice, but now on to the vet who always knows best. ♪ >> if you do put sunscreen on the nose, can human sunscreen work? >> yeah, you can use regular. it's a good idea to use the baby and keep it away from the eye. >> reporter: how hot is too hot? >> over 70 degrees you should be careful. your dog could get overheated quickly within, you know, ten to
7:42 am
15 minutes. typically watch their breathing. right now, she's breathing fine. >> reporter: pay attention to the signs. >> they may be panting. their gums, which are normally pink, can start to turn bright red and go to where it turns gray and pale as they go into shock. get them in a cool place and give them water. cool their body down. put their feet in wet water. when they are overheated, their body can go into shock and affect their kidney's and liver. it can become life threatening as it is with people. >> reporter: to help him handle the heat, the groomers. no shaving allowed. >> the biggest conception is shaving dog. it's number one no no. >> fur, hair. >> doesn't matter. exposing the skin is more of a
7:43 am
detriment than anything. >> bosco's hair is cut and we have water to cool her down. we are ready to take on summer. i swear you would think she's 100 pounds it way shay pants in the summer. it's interesting to learn you don't need to shave the hairy dogs down. their body is built for this. >> i didn't recognize you with your new haircut. the director of great to see you. >> great to see you, lester. >> walk your pets in the morning and at night. in the middle of the day is the worst time to walk them. >> i didn't say hello to your friend. who is this? >> baby hope. >> nice to have you here. >> this keeps them cool, entertained, occupied and safe for the dog. there's a rumor they can die if
7:44 am
they eat ice. that's false. dogs can bloat if they drink too fast. limit and slow them down if they drink water. >> if you are out and about, they have collapsible water dishes. >> they go in your back pocket or attach them to your pants. it's important when you give your dogs water, one ounce per pound. if you have a 60 pound dog, it's eight cups. >> we have roger, a 6-year-old american eskimo mix. >> this is the cold scarf. if you put this in the water, what happens is it soaks up.ey bo t' abo on cir aral reaeat.ouhe tm itnt thdo tan reat t weauc th'sat'swhd she'ptiohe
7:45 am
th dki her. oftorabn nidefi "toy" i'mneind aam. setng scvisin wheo
7:46 am
k.>> 2 yag "tchro thrni akr ashir ulplalitnee elan. adny apted aital oer wom l knltou w u aquarenfeautheus, ht>> ypltfeld.uft.i rid it nic stsel jennhe d"r.oak moff.ftge8:>> >>f
7:47 am
he'l p on dtenmif h ahefogin y s-a an t i don'oktithatedctbe u hould asr-r or heour dr fou
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